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Requirements of the ERA MoU and EU VO EG 445/2011

What does stand in the TSI, in the TEIV, what do the EN and DIN-standards include?

Normative requirements which are already state-of-the-art:

Production of maintenance programmes according to DIN 27200ff

"On the basis of the construction, the insights from calculations and inspections and the planned utilization conditions of the vehicle the producer draws up the producer maintenance programme... . He marks the maintenance measures and maintenance intervals which may not be modified or may only be modified with his approval due to the constructive arrangement to preserve the company safety.

The EVU/the holder inspects the producer maintenance programme with regard to suitability for the actual conditions of use. In this, the maintenance intervals may be adapted and/ or additional maintenance measures may be supplemented in order to gain insights for the operational probation of new vehicles...

The regulations contained in this standard build the prerequisites that the production/ modification process for the maintenance programmes fulfils the requirements for the railway safety. The presented procedure is binding for the part of maintenance programmes which concerns the safety-relevant vehicle components and their maintenance measures and maintenance intervals. The procedure can analogously also be applied for components and systems which are decisive for the reliability and traffic requirements...

In case of a new creation of programme as a rule the examinations extend to the vehicle with all components and systems in its entity." [extract from DIN 27201-1]

Only on this foundation the structure can be built up for a fleet management system.
Only this way they can depict and present all vehicles and vehicle-relevant components, complete workshops, production plants, logistics storages and contracts without any problem in order to plan, supervise, implement, document, analyze and optimize the maintenance of their vehicles and plants.

These standards and requirements can completely be fulfilled by MARS Railbusiness®.

Please turn to us for advice and we safely support you on the RAILWAY to MARS.