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The extensive software solution for the maintenance management of railway traffic companies…
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How good that there are networks!

Through the Association of German Railway Engineers (VDEI) we, the railtracon GmbH, have received a request by IMS2 whether a software solution like MARS Industry® can also be applied in the railway sector.

At our first meeting we have seen commonly that the structure and the connections of a production plant and a rail vehicle are the same.

Though our long-year experiences at the consultations of rail vehicle producers with regard to quality and safety management systems or the implementation of these and especially the realization of maintenance regulatory works at EVU, EIU and maintenance workshops we could quickly recognize that the "paper-copy piles of paperwork" do not correspond to that what actually has been state-of-the-art with the TSI and EN-standards for some years and what is required.

Our result: such a fleet management solution is required more urgently than ever in a payable version and with permanent advantages in the daily business.

We connect the long-term know-how of the overall system railway with the competence, user-friendly software solutions accurately and perfectly dimensioned with the demands of our customers.

We can make available all necessary relevant data from almost all data sources for the respective information requirements and support our customers by this at the successful control of their maintenance tasks.

One year of development has led us to this existing software solution...