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The extensive software solution for the maintenance management of railway traffic companies…
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What does MARS actually mean?

Maintainability, Availability, Reliability, Safety

Ask us for information and advice and we safely support you on the RAILWAY to MARS.

With MARS Railbusiness® you will fulfil all necessary interests of a maintenance and safety management for rail vehicles and railway systems corresponding to the EC-safety guideline 49/2001+ 110/2008, 445/2011, the EN 60300, EN 50126ff, DIN 27200ff and, of course, DIN ISO9001-2008 or IRIS, almost paperless and constantly available and retrievable.

By means of the MARS Railbusiness® integrated user software Maintenance to go! you can record and process all essential and necessary data with only a few entries.

This particularly implies the recording and documentation of disturbances , which otherwise only could have remained concealed as individual knowledge, as well as the production and processing of workshop orders, checklists, inspection and labour instructions, lubrication charts etc. and all this "...as easy as at the cash dispenser".

Existing databases and applications can be taken over or adapted 1:1 or the data transfer can be easily solved through interfaces to database systems and programmes like SAP, Navision, Oracle, MAXIMO, etc., so that their previous investments and expenditures have not been "in vain".

The potentials of MARS Railbusiness®

Die Potenziale von MARS Railbusiness®
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The features of MARS Railbusiness® in comparison

The features of MARS Railbusiness® in comparison
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Our motto at MARS Railbusiness® and Maintenance to go!:
As much information as possible with as less expenditure as necessary. "Click and Go"