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The extensive software solution for the maintenance management of railway traffic companies…
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Application and database server with sufficient storage capacity
Optionally W-LAN connection possibility

Prozessor 2.0 GHz (dual-core)
4 GB main memory
Operating system Windows Server 2000 or higher (with current service pack)
.NET Framework 2.0
Hard disk at minimum 40 GB (recommended RAID - system)
CD-ROM Drive
Network card
Remote connection
Screen resolution at minimum 1024x768

Database Windows SQL Server 2005 or higher existing

Data saving system

Commercially available PC
Intel or AMD at minimum 1.6 GHz
at minimum 1 GB main memory (recommended 2 GB)
Operating system Windows XP or higher (current service packs)
free harddisk storage about 100 MB
Network card
keyboard and mouse
.NET Framework 2.0
CD-ROM Drive
Screen resolution at minimum 1024x768