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The extensive software solution for the maintenance management of railway traffic companies…
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We offer our customers various price models. These depend on the selected type of utilization with which you want to operate the MARS Railbusiness® as well as the scope of the system which is to be implemented.

Since there are differences from company to company in terms of quantity of the objects which have to be administrated, we are searching together with our customers the optimal solution for the use of MARS Railbusiness® in your company.

This not only refers to the individual adaptation of MARS Railbusiness® but also to the corresponding final price or the monthly load.

We would like to analyze your requirements in a personal talk and provide you a total package tailor-made to your company.

Imagine that you employ one or two employees for the contents which are required by the ERA or that you have to debit the EBL or the dispo even more and therefore they have less and less time for the actual daily business.

Then you have a return on investment (ROI) of approximately one year with the MARS Railbusiness®.

You will save valuable personnel hours at the entry of data, contract processing, documentation and settlement and additionally fulfil the concerns of a safety management system. The EBL automatically has all weak points on the monitor, you can see the budget and the consumptions of vehicles online, you do not need an assistant who has to prepare the data in diagrams until 11.00 p.m., you do not have any inconvenient search for documents and lack of explanation in the case of event...

With MARS Railbusiness® your maintenance data are electronically prepared, available and provable. You have the planning, implementation, supervision, analysis and optimization of your maintenance management completely available in one system.

Price calculation

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